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Wholesale Women Clothing From 150+ Turkish Manufacturers to 100+ Countries.

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Private Label Kids & Baby Wear
Production by KFT

We produce your designs to reduce your costs!

Choosing the right clothing manufacturers to reduce your costs is hard, time-consuming and requires a lot of efforts! With KFT,  you don’t need to know much about apparel production to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the clothing manufacturing process thanks to our vast network of manufacturers.

Just provide us with some basic sketches or a design file. Then our clothing production experts will guide you through the necessary steps to make custom clothing.

From creating your private label design files to coordinating of the production process, we mostly do everything. As a result of this, samples are created reflecting the perfect garment production process for your idea. For the samples that you approved, we start the production process in accordance with the order quantities.

You don’t have to look into how to find a custom clothing manufacturer, because we bundle small orders and work with several mass production companies for clothing. It is our particular strength to be your small quantity clothing producer.

Our garment production process provides a seamless and professional service by producing the models you desire for your brand on time in the most modern factories and at quality control stages.

Private Label Production is very wide range application who wants to produce for their own brands.

Brand owner may choose one of below working methods.

  • You may send us your design to get it produced.
  • You may choose products from our collection to get produced with your own brand label.
  • Also you may make request some customizations at the same time for your production.

Sneak Peek Of Production:

Private Label Production - Women Fashion Turkey
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Price Increase On Logistics From China In 2021

Turkey Is The Best Alternative!
Affordable Logistics & Amazing Quality

The benefit of working with us:

Quality of private label clothing:

The quality of the products you offer is how you will build your business. While you will value every customer you get, the ones that return for repeat orders will be your bread and butter. The only way to get repeat customers is by offering a quality product. And Turkey is famous for its quality wear products and textile industry.

The importance of pricing:

Pricing is another important factor when launching your clothing line. A good price allows you to price your clothing competitively while still having a healthy profit margin. Get quotes from at least three producer early on in the process.

When comparing prices, keep in mind that you need to compare apples to apples. Different companies charge differently for a lower number of orders, any customization, and shipping.

At KFT, we are only working with quality manufacturers. We give you the ability to work with over 1.000+ factories. We offer headache-free, smooth and fast process.

Reliability of Textile Producer:

Reliability is another important expectation to have for your textile producer. Ask the company that you want to work with them what their delivery time is. Clothing buying is often spontaneous, and if you are out of stock of a particular item, that your customer will probably go elsewhere.

If you decide to work with an international company, make sure they have an export license. The last thing you want to face with your textile business is import problems. Some companies get around the need for an export license by using a third-party company that handles the transaction. Doing this is legal, but they require an additional paperwork and fee for each transaction.

As Kids Fashion Turkey, we export mostly to Europe, America, Russia and Middle-East countries. In addition, our company exports to the African and South America.

In summary, we provide close cooperation with our customers as a solution partner for all kinds of clothes production and needs. And we are always aiming the needs of our customers in the fashion partner relationship, delivery with high quality, fast service, competitive prices, short delivery time and environmental and quality standards with guaranteed production.


Private Label Production - Women Fashion Turkey
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Private Label Production - Women Fashion Turkey
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