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Private & White Labelling, Custom Production

WFT is your exclusive destination for the manufacturing of your products.
Labelling With Your Brand Has Never Been Easier.

Make your private label clothing product idea a reality with ease.
From design to delivery, we take care of the entire process with our end-to-end solution.

With over 150+ manufacturers along with our own facilities, we'll make your clothing manufacturing process a breeze.
We handle everything from quoting and manufacturing to shipping and warehouse coordination.

Private Label Production - Women Fashion Turkey

We're an all-in-one manufacturing solution

With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, we'll make your product idea a reality with ease. Whether it's your design or a model from our collection.

From design, sampling, manufacturing, and delivery... we make it happen.

All Models In Our Collection
Can Be Your Brand

With The Lowest Min. Order Amount In The Market.
3 Options Are Available:

First Option:

There is no Min. Order Quantity for the items which we can replace the labels. In that case, if labels are replaceable, we can print your own logo and brand on the labels and switch them.

But there will be an additional cost for that operation. We are the only company in Turkey who can provide that kind of service. You can buy even 1 package of each model and we can replace the labels. However, if the labels are printed and can’t be switched, you should consider option 2.

Second Option:

If you select a model from our collection, it will be much easier and faster for us to customize and produce the items. Also MOQ will be less. It will depend on the manufacturer of that particular item but MOQ will be around 200-300 pieces per model per color.

We can customize sizes as you wish. Custom production time and cost would vary product to product. MOQ might be higher for Organic Cotton models.

Third Option:

You can send us a physical sample which you found somewhere else. We’ll work on sampling and we’ll quote. We’ll decide MOQ after we receive the sample from you or learn the type of fabric which you’d like us to use.

You can decide how many sizes you want. Depending on the item and fabric type, MOQ mayb be between 200-1000 Pieces per model and per color. Sizing doesn’t matter.

We produce your designs to reduce your costs!

Choosing the right clothing manufacturers to reduce your costs is hard, time-consuming and requires a lot of efforts! With WFT,  you don’t need to know much about apparel production to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the clothing manufacturing process thanks to our vast network of manufacturers.

Just provide us with some basic sketches or a design file. Then our clothing production experts will guide you through the necessary steps to make custom clothing.

From creating your private label design files to coordinating of the production process, we mostly do everything. As a result of this, samples are created reflecting the perfect garment production process for your idea. For the samples that you approved, we start the production process in accordance with the order quantities.

You don’t have to look into how to find a custom clothing manufacturer, because we bundle small orders and work with several mass production companies for clothing. It is our particular strength to be your small quantity clothing producer.

Our garment production process provides a seamless and professional service by producing the models you desire for your brand on time in the most modern factories and at quality control stages.

Private Label Production is very wide range application who wants to produce for their own brands.

Brand owner may choose one of below working methods.

  • You may send us your design to get it produced.
  • You may choose products from our collection to get produced with your own brand label.
  • Also you may make request some customizations at the same time for your production.

Some Facts For Competitors:

Price Increase On Logistics From China In 2021
% 0 +
Min. Order Quantity On Average For Other Manufacturers
0 PCs

Turkey Is The Best Alternative!
Affordable Logistics & Amazing Quality

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Private Label Production - Women Fashion Turkey
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An Holistic Offer From KFT Experts.

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